FileZilla 3.36.0

Fast and efficient FTP program for uploading and downloading

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    FTP tools

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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  • Program license:Free (GPL)
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    7.7 (175)

FileZilla is a free cross-platform file transfer protocol (FTP) client. This software enables users to quickly move web page files and documents from the user's personal computers to live web servers where they can be read by anyone in the world with Internet access and a browser. The program supports FTP, FTP over secure socket layer (SSL), FTP over Transport Layer Security, FTPS (FTP Secure), and SSH (Secure Shell). FileZilla also handles SFTP for secure transfers of multiple files on multiple servers.

FileZilla can connect to a web server either on a LAN, or via the Internet. The program's "Site Manager" appears as a pop-up window when called up from the main toolbar. The Site Manager offers many helpful options and it is where the user stores his configuration protocols and server settings needed to log onto remote servers. When open, the program offers the user a split screen representing two windows. The left window provides the user a view of his local computer allowing him to browse to the files that need to be uploaded. The window on the right (when connected) provides a view of the remote server including all of its folders and sub-folders -- permitting the user to easily browse to the remote location where the uploaded files are to be copied.

The FileZilla interface will at first glance appear no friendlier to a user than the dashboard of a Navy fighter jet. There is a lot to learn with this program, but the advanced education can come much later (if at all) after the user learns to upload files to the web. Happily, this is not particularly difficult. First-time users are encouraged to simply proceed directly to the program's Site Manager that happens to be the first option one encounters when clicking on the very first item on the program's menu bar (CTRL+S). From there, the user is encouraged to enter and save his remote server's credentials before practicing logging on and uploading files.

For web developers who merely want the power to quickly upload files to a remote web server, this program is difficult to beat. Once that skill is mastered, users can rapidly transmit any number of files of almost any size, individually or in large batches to the web. When a live connection is broken for any reason, the programs tries to re-establish the connection and continue work where it left off. The progress of any upload or download task can be observed by watching the files move in either direction across the bottom of the screen. FileZilla is well supported, and users can expect regular updates of the product.


  • Free!
  • Powerful, fast, efficient and stable
  • Easily handles large transfers
  • Filters are available to screen out irrelevant files
  • Easily handles large transfers
  • Observable directory comparison
  • Easy-to-do chmod file permission changes with right mouse click
  • Frequent Updates


  • Steep learning curve for first-time users
  • Unable to schedule transfers
  • Easy-to-make overwrite errors can cause lost work
  • Confusing interface

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